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Salman Khan: The Helicopter shot by the Bodyguard man

Currently, the season of World Cup cricket in its flow, is associated with the injection of helicopters with the likes of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However, the actor Salman Khan, who is flying in helicopters these days to head to the film sets of his shots.

Dabangg actor only recently jumped from 10,000 feet of commercial reckless shot a soda (Mountain Dew). And now the gallant Hulky, stout made a heroic entry in Pune on the sets of "Bodyguard" his film.

Salman was in Jaipur, where he was attending a philanthropic event, but upon learning that his co-star Kareena Kapoor had fallen ill, decided to helicopter their way to Pune, where the crew were stationed.

Apparently, Kareena was doing some solo scenes and Salman were not expected until much later. Kareena But after he fell ill and was advised bed rest, about 200 people were marooned and the day would be in vain.

However, Salman anticipating the situation, air dashed from Jaipur to Pune for the day does not go in the trash. Producer Atul Agnihotri, who is also Salman's brother-in-law, confirmed the report citing that Salman bhai saved the day and was due to return soon they were able to shoot some of her scenes alone.